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Your belief in your own ability

to impact an outcome.

Our Unpopular Opinions:

  • Motivation is a myth.

  • Laziness is a lie.

  • Self-esteem has become overly weighted when taking inventory of one's own happiness.

All three of these things often show up when we hear students talking about why they don't feel like they are able to shift things and are seeking professional help. However, these things do not need to have a negative valuation placed on them. "Lack of motivation" can help us clarify our priorities, "laziness" is trying to tell us something, and "low self-esteem" is often a symptom of core issues that have not been processed.

Millcreek Meadows is looking to help direct, provide information that can lead to insight, empower, encourage, and help facilitate the growth you crave to reach, overcome new or old obstacles, and to unlock your purpose and potential.

What matters is your willingness to build the capacity to face what you must and get curious about what comes up in the process. Therapy is a catalyst that should not be indefinite.

Going to therapy is not the solution in and of itself...[COLLECTIVE GASP]...you can go to therapy for years and still feel stuck in the same understanding of what is causing you dis-ease.

What is done with the information once the session ends is the only thing that truly matters...YOU HAVE THE ABILITY to continue the work when you walk away from your very helpful clinician.

There is a hack to therapy and...

...the solution is not found on the couch.

With our unique combination of services...

you WILL find relief in ways

you never thought possible!

What We Do Here.


Therapeutic Services

So many wait until they are in full throttle crisis to decide to address what is putting them at dis-ease emotionally. Millcreek Experiential Wellness Center is the place to look when you are needing a pragmatic approach and time frame to start (or continue) to tackle the things that you have become aware are tripping you up...or that you are suspecting may be the cause of difficulty. Come find out how we can help you, your child, or your family navigate what you are currently facing!

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Nature-Based Experiences

When was the last time you realized you had only been outside long enough to walk to your car? How long can your child go without reaching for technology to entertain them? How long can you go? We have become increasingly disconnected from our physical world, especially the parts of that world that we can not control. Reconnecting and learning the art of discovery and curiosity to the level that we want to align with that world is what we focus on in these offerings.

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Community Activities

There's a natural rhythm of things if we pay attention. Learning how to connect to that rhythm with the internal and external world is a magical and rewarding experience. With the passage of time used to come natural mile markers that were celebrated by the whole community for a person--i.e. coming of age, entire village celebrations for achievements. We have lost much of what used to connect us. Let's tap back into that natural rhythm individually and collectively.

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