"I've seen it all! I will be the oldest horse you will Ever know."


Shelly has watched the history of Millcreek Experiential Wellness Center evolve. She became the matriarch of her herd as it grew. She doesn't put up with much from her animal counterparts but she is ever so patient with her companion bipeds. She's sturdy & sound and can tell you many secrets if you slow down to listen.

We are so fortunate to have Shelly here to teach us on so many levels. With individuals and groups she loves doing her job and it shows.

Profile headshot of "Shelly" the horse who is a bay horse and is 35 years old. She has a broad white blaze on her face.


I May Be The Oldest Horse You'll Ever Know

"We are excited to be here!"


Rick & Morty were donated by our neighbor, Auberge Memory Care Center. Having spent their growing years helping our elders, they have now moved to helping us keep our weeds down and give curious children a space to get close to learn from their playful spirits.

A headshot of a black and white goat with horns.

Rick & MOrty

You Never know what we're trying to get up to

"Thank you for joining us. Please Respect our home."

-Earth of Foxes

A group of foxes is called a skulk, leash, or earth. We thought to have an "earth" of foxes was quite fitting for our setting. These beautiful creatures help remind us how important it is to be continually conscious of our impact on the nature we enjoy that is actually their habitat. They have shared their space with a herd of mustangs for the past 25 years and sometimes show far too little fear when engaging with the community as they walk past in the adjacent park.

We know that it is hard to resist, but we ask that all community members refrain from feeding the foxes. They are ultimately a wild animal and in order for us to be proper stewards of them in their environment--in the middle of the city no less--we must not take away that aspect of their nature or we invariably ensure their death when they become unable to fend for themselves.

Headshot of a fox representing the skulk of 30 foxes on property.

Skulk Leader

Please Don't Feed Us

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