We Love Giving Back!

Nature's Pathway Logo--horse silhouette inside of a circular leaf frame; foster care youth nonprofit

Nature's Pathway was founded to Serve Vulnerable populations in our immediate community,

while taking a special interest in Foster Care Youth.

Millcreek Experiential Wellness Center (MEWC) is an affiliate organization for Nature's Pathways (NP). NP was established to provide opportunities for greater access to the kinds of therapeutic & community services MEWC provides. Experiential therapies are super effective for kids, teens, and their families but unfortunately often you have to be in the midst of a crisis to access these types of services within an intensive therapeutic setting.

NP focuses on serving vulnerable communities and takes a special interest in furthering access and resources to youth in foster care as well as raising the attention needed to reform the foster care system.

How can you be a part of things?

“I gained more than I gave”

Why do you give of yourself? There are SO MANY reasons to give back through service and every person comes to experience that specific personal reason. Do you have a group that would benefit from participating in service for any of the following benefits?

  • Sense of Purpose & Fulfillment

  • Community Spirit

  • Social Responsibility

  • Gratitude

  • Personal Growth

  • Role Modeling

  • Skill Building

Group of Foster youth

Helping to make things better for the community of which they are a part

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